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ev 2ALay the Groundwork for a Better Future
Most parents hope to lay the groundwork for a better future for their children. They invest in environments that will teach their children the importance of performance and achievement in the classroom, and on the field, or on the ice or anywhere else they will strive for success in life.
That parental hope is two fold: Excellence, and results. Parents know that excellence is not something that suddenly happens. It is an ongoing, everyday effort that, over time, adds up and produces the things sought after; results.
Whether that is in leadership, performance, or attitude, excellence needs to be ingrained and practiced each and every day, in order to yield maximum results.
While delivering a superior academic experience, Everest allows students more time to practice and train in their endeavor, passion, or SKILL. Our S.E.L.F. platform champions the dedicated student because we believe that the discipline and rigor of a SKILL builds lasting character and achievement throughout life.

Steps to Choosing a SKILL
Step 1 – Students need to identify what they are passionate about, or what activity they would enjoy doing in an intensive way. Throughout the month of September, students can experience a number of SKILLS if they are uncertain of the SKILL they want to commit to. Students commit to the SKILLs at the end of the month.
Step 2 – Once a SKILL is identified, students need to decide what “stream” they would like to register for – Prep or Pre-prep. If a student chooses the Pre-prep stream, that student will choose a secondary SKILL to complete his or her year. For the Prep stream, the student may need to experience a try-out to validate the appropriateness of the choice.
A unique skills-development focused hockey and goaltending program to help each student-athlete reach new levels of potential. Led by a team of expert skill development coaches including on-ice Director Geoff Schomogyi and expert skills coaches including Dave D’Amizzio, Daniel Sisca, Duncan Dalmao and Brian McLaughlin, the Everest hockey and goaltending program enables student-athletes to realize their highest goals, including OHL and/or CHL drafts, NCAA and ultimately playing as a professional in the NHL.

Based on the principals of the Everest S.E.L.F. platform, hockey at Everest focuses on the fundamental skills that maximize each student-athlete’s potential. Athletes are taught to excel based on their skills prowess, without on-ice violence. Our job at Everest Academy is to provide our enrolled families with the best foundation possible including providing assistance and advice in making the journey through hockey to position our student-athletes for a life that can be the best it can be. The program also benefits from on and off-ice contributions from NHL-experienced players such as Jim Thomson, who also acts as an overall program advisor,

Our Alumni student-athletes have gone on to OHL teams such as Saginaw Spirit, Peterborough Petes, Ottawa 67’s, QMJH teams such as Quebec Remparts and Halifax Mooseheads and NHL teams such as New York Rangers, Arizona Coyotes, Tampa Bay, Montreal Canadians, Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks. Alumni were also featured in the Spring of 2015 where Anthony Duclair shined playing on the first line at the World Junior Championships with Canada taking Gold and more recently Markus Philips participated in the U18 World Championships.



The Program

The Everest Hockey and Goaltending Program helps develop a complete hockey player with instinctive habits and skills versatility. Through an in depth hockey curriculum that includes customized fitness programs, on ice and off-ice assessments, video reviews and more, students learn and practice fundamental hockey skills, develop a love for the game and a willingness to study and master all of its aspects.

Students are faced with a challenging yet nurturing environment which encourages them to strive beyond their personal best. The daily commitment to practice reinforces the Everest core values of dedication, focus, integrity, and hard work. Each student is challenged to focus on their effort and to build confidence and self-esteem through doing, achieving, and triumphing over previous personal thresholds. Our coaches, led by former NHL’er Jim Thomson, lead by example and strive to mentor students to practice sportsmanship which carries over into all aspects of their lives.

The Facility

The Everest hockey program runs out of its sister facility — Everest Ice, also located at 130 Racco Parkway. Everest Ice features two upgraded NHL-sized rinks, newly renovated dressing rooms, on-site food and snack services, pro-shop, viewing balconies and more (see below for a time-lapse video of Everest logo installed on center ice at the home rink). Senior students will have unique opportunities to obtain part-time jobs at Everest Ice to further learn about hockey operations and sports business management.

Adjacent to Everest Ice is the Everest strength and conditioning facility, state of the art with over 20,000 sq feet of equipment and specialty rooms including a new private high-performance center, equipped just for Everest student-athletes. Student-athletes train up to 5 times per week during the school day on state-of-the-art equipment and have access to the latest in web-based technology to carry their workouts wherever they go. The facility is available all year around for those focused on continual development.



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