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The Slovak International Hockey Academy "Europa Stars" is created on the basis of the Hockey Club: HK SLOVAN (Bratislava) club, which plays in the KHL, as well as its Farm Club HK HOBA (Bratislava), part of the HK SLOVAN system and Private bilingual gymnasium with teaching in English. At the request of the student and parents, you can choose to teach in French or German as a second language.
To implement the project, families are involved in which children from 10 to 16 years old are accommodated. But the Academy prefers the basic preference to children from 10 to 12 years, because at this age children are best suited to adaptation in new conditions of hockey and education.
It is these children, after 5 years of training in the Academy and the achievements of 18 years (majority), it is possible to obtain an indefinite ID-card of permanent residence. Then continue your hockey and bilingual education in the countries of the European Union without limiting the period of stay in Slovakia !!! The opportunity for foreign players to continue their hockey career and education in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Finland in such teams as U-18 and U-20 and obtain a secondary school certificate (Gymnasium) without any restrictions any of the above countries.
The main principle of the Academy is an organic combination of sports, study and self-training of a young athlete. The main principle of the Academy is that all players of school age must observe the golden rule: 51% - school, 49% - sport! In the event of conflicts or problems between these two areas, priority is given to schooling!

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